Entrepreneur Restaurateur (2012)

Thierry receives AMMAIT , The Key to Progress, Category "Entrepreneur Restaurateur"

"The mystical date" (2012)

The mystical date 12/12/12 . Café des Artistes history turns 22 and celebrates with the unveiling of the artwork " look with the heart."

"The window of the soul" (2012)

The window of the soul ... looking forward to a major change for Constantini Martini and Piano Bar, is decided under the reinvented name P'yote Lounge with genuine details designed by Huichol artisans, capable hands and the famous designer Pineda Covalin . " Tatei Aramara " is a living example of it , muse masterpiece creation boardwalk today P'yote adorns the beautiful Lounge.

"Sad Days, however full of knowledge"

Sad Days, however full of knowledge ... Once Thierry 's Prime Steak House closes its doors. The aroma of its steak concept still breathes in the air with the expectation of a new launching.

"Modern Saucers with prehispanic utensils" (2011)

After a tour in Oaxaca , Thierry is impregnated by, mezcal , grasshoppers , mortars , metates and clay griddles . Thus was born his keynote conference speech " modern Saucers with prehispanic utensils " leaving the assistants amazed during the second presentation at Madrid Fusion México.

It is Awesome! (2010)

It is Awesome! ... Says Thierry , Cafe des Artistes is appointed best restaurant in Mexico from 2011 to 2012 by the Gourmand Guide of restaurants and good food. Thierry Blouet´s Signature Cuisine is second on the list and Thierry's Prime Steak House takes the 25th place!

"The best Chef of Mexico by the Vatel Club of Mexico" (2011)

In addition to owning his own business , Thierry trains and challenges a new generation of chefs , where the Café Des Artistes Group, in the last 10 years his ex - chefs and chefs have proudly participated in major national competitions , placing invariably higher positions . The Executive Chef of Café des Artistes , Hugo Ahumada , won first place in the cooking competition Abastur and is recognized as the best Chef of Mexico by the Vatel Club of Mexico.

"The Master" (2010)

Thierry is recognized for the development and contributions of Mexican cuisine , topping the list of " The 21 Bicentennial Chef " where he is nicknamed "The Master"

"The Pink Gala" (2010)

Chef Thierry serves as the coordinator of the Feast and Celebration " The Pink Gala " for the 100 years of Jalisco´s Red Cross. Hospicio Cabañas , Guadalajara , Jalisco , 2010.

"Flavors of Mexico by Thierry Blouet" (2010)

Participates as a special guest at the most Important gastronomic summit in the world, Mexico Madrid Fusion 2010 . Where he represents Mexico with an extract from his Bicentennial commemorative menu " Flavors of Mexico by Thierry Blouet"

"Open Kitchen Mexico Forum 2010" (2010)

Is invited to participate in the culinary conference " Open Kitchen Mexico Forum 2010 " where he gives the keynote - cooking demonstration "Cooking Café des Artistes.

"200 Years of Independence" (2010)

200 Years of Independence , 100 years since the Revolution and 20 years of Café des Artistes. A trinomial definitely not unseen . From a long list of celebration events and ideas born " Bicentennial menu " first delighted by customers and friends who attend the big party of the 20th anniversary of Café des Artistes.

The History Continues... (2010)

The evolution of the Café des Artistes kitchen into 20 years of success. This stage is marked by the integration of the flavors of Mexico to French cuisine, which just happens during the Bicentennial , passion for the flavors and colors of Mexico. From this year until today, menus and festivals are launched with a Mexican accent , looking for authentic flavors and combinations of ingredients. "Today continues this trend , giving the importance to the ingredient , whether Mexican or French cuisine , rather the ingredient , how to cook and improve your cooking technique ... Rescue flavors of yesteryear with top quality , presented in original form while seeking simplicity , giving priority to great taste "

"Regional Bailli de la Chaine des Rotisseurs" (2009)

Proudly and with a smile on his face Thierry receives notification that it has been appointed as Regional Bailli de la Chaine des Rotisseurs.

"Spicy Chefs" (2009)

Thierry is invited to Switzerland for the 16th Edition of the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival , the most glamorous in the world, to represent the Mexican delegation together with Chefs Hugo Ahumada and Gerardo Sandoval . Him and Guest Chef of India are named "Spicy Chefs"

"Star Diamond Award" (2008)

Following the success Café des Artistes del Mar Receives First Star Diamond Award.

Chevalier de L' Ordre Illustre of Medusa (2008)

Thierry was named Chevalier de L' Ordre Illustre of Medusa . Enthroned aboard the" The World " cruise 2008

"Title as Chevalier dans L' Ordre" (2008)

Thierry gets the title as Chevalier dans L' Ordre de L' Academie Culinaire de France.

Tequila Thierry Blouet (2008)

Passionate by one of the Mexican elixirs , Thierry decides to bottle his favorite tequila under the brand . Tequila Thierry Blouet in a variety of white, rested and extra aged.

"Café des Artistes del Mar" (2008)

In January this year , Café des Artistes del Mar brings to Punta de Mita , a sea of aroma to the edge of the beach.

San Pascual Bailon fame (2008)

Thierry is recognized in the courtyard of San Pascual Bailon fame.

"Two particles of hydrogen and one of oxygen" (2006)

Two particles of hydrogen and one of oxygen , the first product born of the long tail of Café des Artistes : Water craft the Spring of San Sebastian del Oeste.

Grand Cordon d' Or de la Cuisine Française (2006)

In the city of Monte Carlo, the " Grand Cordon d' Or de la Cuisine Française " Thierry accepts membership in the fraternity.

The prominent substitute comes into the kitchen (2006)

The prominent substitute comes into the kitchen, the small Vanesa repeats Dad Thierry´s story and is touched by the kitchen environment, begins to practice in the kitchen when only 10 years old.

"Thierry 's Prime Steak House" (2006)

In the Puerto Vallarta neighborhood , Thierry 's Prime Steak House opens its doors with a more casual atmosphere where you can enjoy the delights of delicious red meat.

"Thierry Blouet Trophy" (2006)

With a strong focus target on promoting and rewarding the talent of western Mexico gastronomic Thierry creates the iconic culinary competition , Thierry Blouet Trophy , supported by the Culinaire Academie of France . Currently one of the most important contests of Mexican cuisine.

"The black book" (2005)

The black book ... as the best cheeses, cigars, fine wine and cognac, this reservation book is produced with care after a night of inspiration and three long years of ageing.

"The Conde Nast magazine" (2005)

The Conde Nast magazine ranks Thierry Blouet Cocina de Autor as one of the top 80 tables for dinner of the world.

"The Rosé creamy vanilla infused red fruits" (2005)

Because food with love always tastes better, inspired by the flavors that appeal to Rose , Thierry creates " The Rosé creamy vanilla infused red fruits " , a dessert dedicated to her.

"Rosé & Thierry's Boutique" (2005)

In search of a place to project their skill and art comes Rosé & Thierry's Boutique , where Rosé´s gourmet jewelry designs express great love for Thierry.

"The family grows" (2004)

The family grows, Denise, Vanessa and Sebastian come to life to fill Thierry's family with joy, fun and good vibes.

"Sister Cities Foundation of Highland Park" (2003)

It's in the fall of this year Sister Cities Foundation of Highland Park, gratefully acknowledges Thierry for his passion and commitment to the culinary arts for Mexican gourmet dinner prepared with a French twist for him mismo.

"Thierry Blouet Cocina de Autor" (2003)

Why not? This question leads to Thierry to create the Jewel of the group “Thierry Blouet Cocina de Autor" a unique restaurant of its kind in the destination that embodies the essence of Thierry and allows you to know from beginning to end, as each corner is steeped in her good taste.

"Costantini Wine Bar" (2003)

In response to the request of its customers choose to create a Costantini Wine Bar, chic and relaxed space to enjoy a good glass of wine and the delights of Chef.

"The grand dame Rose" (2002)

In a year of transition comes to life the muse of his creations ... " The grand dame Rose " , the woman who captivated by his energy , positivity and passion for doing things "Together we are a mastermind " asserts Thierry

"The little Alexis was born" (2002)

The little Alexis was born, who he has a passion for music at an early age with his father reveled notes piano.

"American Academy of Hospitality Sciences" (2001)

For the creativity and excellence of its cuisine served at Café des Artistes coupled with his hard work in promoting the cuisine of the destination, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences rolls his eyes on Thierry and he recognized as Chef of the Year.

"Business Merit Award" (2001)

The Restaurateur Business Merit Award on tourist destination given by the CANIRAC gets to Thierry´s hands.

"Distintivo H" (2000)

Its hygiene, projected confidence and security in handling foods will deserve “Distintivo H” acquisition. Recognition that continues to this day.

“French haute cuisine" (2000)

The style of cooking to 10 years of success evolves, marked by classic French cuisine and modern at the same time. “French haute cuisine beginning to integrate ingredients of Mexican cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine ... The flavor becomes important." Thierry Blouet

"Placement of Crystal Drops" (2000)

On the occasion of the celebration of 2000, takes place today the placement of traditional crystal drops represent good luck and good omen. Today this area is famous as the drops salon and guarded by VIP’s customers.

"Maîtres Cuisiniers de France" (2000)

By February of this year and after about 20 years of successful culinary career Thierry Blouet is awarded the most prestigious trophy of all Chefs, acceptance as a member of the circle of “Maîtres Cuisiniers de France".

"Star Diamond Award" (1999)

Consequently the impeccable work, excellence in hospitality, creative cuisine, positive attitude, hygiene and service, Café des Artistes receive the Star Diamond Award for the first time. Today, in conjunction with our friends Pitahayas restaurant in Los Cabos are the only restaurants in Mexico that we have received without interruption until today.

"Joseph Favre Medal" (1999)

In recognition of culinary excellence in Mexico, Thierry gets the Joseph Favre Medal awarded by the Academie Culinaire de France.

"In buying two cookies I gift you a cat" (1999)

On a cool November night comes to life Max, his firstborn would inherit the sagacity to interact and negotiate at early age ... “In buying two cookies I gift you a cat”.

"Every dish is an art masterpiece " (1996)

After multiple visits, Carlos Fuentes dedicated a quote to Café des Artistes that marked us for lifetime... “At Café des Artistes, every dish is an art masterpiece; and every art masterpiece feeds the spirit... Thanks for receive and entertain me."

"Wines that enamored his palate" (1996)

The change Thierry cellars flagship wine, as a great opportunity Thierry omits Monte Xanic wines and acquires the concession in Mexico for the importation and distribution of Luis Felipe Edwards wines, wines that enamored his palate.

"International Gourmet Festival Puerto Vallarta - Riviera Nayarit " (1995)

At a meeting of great friends, and Thierry Blouet Reize Heinze meet with the Director of Nestle Silvam Muller to create the renowned International Gourmet Festival Puerto Vallarta - Riviera Nayarit , nowadays the most important gastronomic event Mexico.

"Meet Chef Gerard Dupont" (1995)

Meet Chef Gerard Dupont, current president of the Academie Culinarie de France; since they met had contact and friendship, as agreed in different events related to gastronomy. "I have learned many basics of French cuisine, techniques... With Gerard I continue learning from him, He has a lot of knowledge: classical and modern flavors of his cuisine that I love so much and contribute my way of bearing in mind". Thierry Blouet

"Acquires a new VW" (1994)

With all the enthusiasm of a young man, acquires a new VW Beetle that has been part of his history and today is a relic that in summer days walking on the pavements of Vallarta.

"De Chef a Chef" (1994)

Gets the Medal of Excellence Culinary in Mexico by the Nestle magazine “De Chef a Chef".

"Success" (1993)

Café des Artistes grows, success accelerated leads to Thierry to expand the location to receive more than 150 costumers simultaneously.

"Monte Xanic wines" (1991)

In this year arise Thierry cellars, where Thierry promotes and sells variety of wine of your choice, then he was authorized representative and distributor of Monte Xanic wines.

"Traditional Cream of Pumpkin and Prawns" (1990)

It designs and builds the Traditional Cream of Pumpkin and Prawns by Chef Thierry Blouet a signature dish that today continues to delight the most discerning palates. "I've always loved this typical French soup autumn-winter candy made with pumpkins, arriving at Vallarta was great abundance of shrimp, which was incorporated into the pumpkin cream which yielded sensational result" Thierry Blouet

"Inspiring Trajectory" (1990)

The cooking style opening was marked by a clear French cuisine inspired nouvelle cuisine movement. “A kitchen that gave priority to the presentation of the dish, sometimes overloaded the taste, were true works of art. At the time, the presentation was more important than the taste". Thierry Blouet

"Magical Place" (1990)

With a capacity of just 75 costumers, Cafe des Artistes comes with the expectation of creating a magical place and transformed the ruins of old homes with jungle vegetation where according beliefs were ghosts, into a unique restaurant in the world with multiple spaces , environments , flavors and interesting yet fun style . Thierry was inspired by respect and passion for his profession and his constant desire to pamper guests, to exceed your expectations with the goal of them returning happy "Café des Artistes name comes from the art form that I like to see life through , both in the creation and design of the restaurant itself and the art and life of cooking" Thierry Blouet .

"Receives Bronze Medal" (1990)

Receives Bronze Medal for the Chef Reinhold Keller Award in recognition of the most outstanding culinary recipe of the year. During the global cuisine competition of the Westin chain hotels.

"Gastrotur" (1988)

With hard work growing, participated in the "Gastrotur" which awards him 1st place in presentation and 1st place in warm kitchen. Miguel Aleman President Award.

"The Golden Touch" (1988)

Thierry wins the 1st place in the prestigious national competition “The Golden Touch" Nestle, where he was recognized as Chef of the Year.

"Café des Artistes knows better than anyone" (1987)

During his arrival meets Puerto Vallarta´s emblematic, Luis Reyes Brambila. (1987) "I met Luis since my arrival to Vallarta in 1987, he has always believed and supported my projects. Meet all my setbacks and successes ... Café des Artistes knows better than anyone”

"Thierry reaches Vallarta" (1987)

Thierry reaches Vallarta hired by the largest hotel chain in that time, Hotel Camino Real and was delighted with the beauty of the town.

"The best apprentice in all Mexico" (1986)

During this year is awarded the gold medal for "the best apprentice in all Mexico”, for his outstanding performance and excellent attitude, which brings him to represent Mexico in the World Chaîne de Rotisseurs in Germany in which he won the bronze medal as the best apprentice of world cuisine.

"The decision and the effort" (1982-1987)

For this year and after finishing his school, he decides that his passion in life is cooking. Thus begins the rigorous work program, 15 hours a day of practice in the best hotel chain in the country, “Camino Real" with international and Mexican chefs.

"Thierry comes to Mexico" (1978)

Thierry comes to Mexico without imagining the great adventure that would leave him trapped in this country.

It all started as a hobby (1976)

Thierry begun the greatest adventure of his life, doing hands-on cooking at home as a hobby he enjoyed, which later would become his legacy.

"I wanted to know what was being done in the kitchen" (1972)

Throughout his father traveling around the world, being only 8 years old, discovers he has interest in cooking ... "I wanted to know what was being done in the kitchen" says Thierry.

The Author is Born - Thierry Jean Patrick Blouet Raviola (1964)

At the heart of a French family but with a heart imbued with different cultures, arrives the firstborn of the family, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the little boy Thierry Jean Patrick Blouet Raviola.

Jean-Marc Blouet - Thierry's father

Jean -Marc Blouet , Thierry's father , hotel successful around the world , in hotels represent the highest level positions , general manager and vice president , which include : El Convento in Puerto Rico , El Avila in Caracas, Venezuela , Chateu Royal in New Caledonia French group UTH , supervised group also in New Zealand , Singapore and Japan from Australia , so after several years of hard work to get to Mexico to operate the Continental Hilton hotel in Mexico City and finally to management general Dorado Pacifico , where he retires and is dedicated to his family.

Max Blouet - Thierry´s paternal grandfather (1928)

In 1928 , Max Blouet (Thierry´s paternal grandfather), recognized as the world's most famous hotel, opened in the Hotel George V Paris , where he was manager for 30 years also positioning it as the best hotel in the world. After leaving the famous hotel, became vice president of AMBASSADOR HOTELS in Chicago, USA, then vice president of the DRAKE Hotel in New York. After, he was hired to open the new Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva Switzerland, once started, he became vice president and general manager of the Societe des Bains de Mer in Monaco, he was in charge of all the hotels and restaurants of the company. Finally, and at the end of his career he was hired to open the Hotel Intercontinental in London England, where he later became assistant president of Intercontinental Hotels.